dog getting laser therapy

Versatile Applications of Laser Therapy for Pet Health

Laser Therapy can be used for arthritis, wounds, hip dysplasia, dental procedures, to speed the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation after surgeries. It can also help with ear infections, skin infections, sprains and strains, fractures, bruising, and swelling. ​

Pet laser therapy, also known as cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is a non-invasive and drug-free approach that uses the power of light to promote tissue repair, reduce pain, and accelerate healing. It is a gentle and soothing treatment, with no incisions or invasive procedures, making it an excellent choice for pets of all ages and sizes.

Healing and Comfort Through Light

In the world of veterinary medicine, pet laser therapy is making remarkable strides as a safe and effective treatment option for various conditions affecting our beloved four-legged companions. At Eastside Veterinary Hospital, we’re proud to offer this cutting-edge therapy that can provide substantial relief and healing for a wide range of ailments and discomforts.

Enhancing the Quality of Life

At Eastside Veterinary Hospital, we believe in enhancing the quality of life for your pets. Our pet laser therapy services are part of our commitment to providing the most advanced and compassionate care available. Whether your furry friend is recovering from surgery, dealing with chronic pain, or managing an injury, laser therapy can make a significant difference.

Experience the Benefits

If you believe that pet laser therapy could benefit your companion, don’t hesitate to contact us at Eastside Veterinary Hospital. Our team is ready to assess your pet’s unique needs and provide a customized treatment plan that helps them live their best, pain-free life.

A Painless and Comfortable Experience

Laser therapy is a painless procedure, and pets typically find it to be soothing. It requires no anesthesia and can be completed in relatively short sessions. Your pet will feel a gentle warming sensation during the treatment, and many even appear to enjoy the process.